As a homeowner, we know how important it is for you to cool or heat your home. That is why we developed this guide to help you find a solution that perfectly suits your home.

What are Mini-Splits?

Ductless Mini-Splits operate via an indoor air handler & and outdoor compressor unit with utmost efficiency and climate control.

4-way adjustable air flow

Stable, reliable compressor

Cutting-edge micro-circuit

Eco-friendly R410A refridgerant

Reliability is in the design.

room with mini-split

Why Mini-Splits?

Enjoy your indoor space without noisy AC distractions. Mini-splits have the compatibility to cool & heat by each individual room.

More efficient than a central system

Blends into any room setting

Quieter than a window unit

Ideal for any size room

As quiet as a whisper, with power and efficiency.

room with mini-split

Multi-Zone Systems

Cool & heat your house just how you like it… room by room.

house with mini-split

Mini-Split Applications

Solve those too-hot/too-cold “problem areas”. Add comfort to your guest cottage or space above the garage. The possibilities are endless. Gain that extra living space in your home that you always wanted.

Houses & rooms that require cooling, heat or both
Sun & Season rooms
Open-wall remodels
Historical structures
Vacation rentals
Bonus space - garages, basements, attics, sheds
Commercial spaces – offices, restaurants, classrooms, hotel/motel, dorms, etc.
Supplement to inefficient/insufficient systems to maintain desired comfort level

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