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GREE Technology Delivers Superior Comfort

1 in 3 is made by GREE

As one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners in the world, we’re committed to designing the most advanced, eco-friendly systems on the planet.

Advanced Technology

Inverter-based systems for optimal, steady comfort

Smart Systems

WiFi-enabled systems for complete control

Product Range

A complete line of products for residential & commercial use

Single-Zone Systems

Manage the comfort of a single space.

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Multi-Zone Systems

Manage the comfort of multiple spaces.

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Packaged Systems

Manage the comfort of a single space.

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Provides outdoor and indoor flexibility.

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Get SMART with GREE.

As a new official application software that GREE develops specially for IoT era, it has the functions of appliances management, intelligent control, etc., which makes your life much easier.

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Save more with GREE.

GREE systems are designed to be energy-efficient which qualifies them for rebates in your area.

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